A one day photo walk tour in central London

“Not until we are lost, do we find ourselves… “

– Henry David Thoreu

I did wonder how true this is and when I experienced this recently, I knew the poet got me involuntarily nodding to him!

London… I have so many memories connected to this city, many good and not that great memories also. A mix of happy moments, achievements, late realisations and lessons learnt. When I start to think of what I should write about this city I came to as a stranger 8 years ago and later turned it to be my home, there are many memories that I could recall.

The reason for me choosing to come to this city for my higher studies was the cultural heritage the city boasts and the Victorian beauty the city offers to its visitors. I have always admired London, albeit the expensive housing and very scarce job opportunities for international students.

When I thought about doing a series of articles in my otherwise silent blog for a year now, I wanted to write and share details about the less touristy, but obviously adorable locations that the city has to offer to its explorers. As giving back the love the city has given me, I am starting this series of articles of exploring the city of London.

When this idea of photographing some iconic, most instagramed locations came to me, I wanted to do the photo tour a little differently. I wanted to walk as much as possible and with friends who shared similar interests. I asked my girl gang if anyone would be interested and we had some volunteers who were very excited to do the photo walk tour with me. Despite of their busy mornings and evenings as mums to school going kids, they wanted a break and do something differently.

Leadenhall market


This place is a dream to visit for all the Harry Potter fans around the world. The place near the Leaky Cauldron and Diagon Alley were shot here in the first movie, i.e., Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. Considered as the central architecture from Roman London, the market houses a lot of cute shops that sell fresh food. The cheese mongers, florists, the pen shop and the Ales and Stouts are some among the famous shops in the covered market. The market operates 10-6 on weekdays and is pretty much deserted in the weekends except for photographers and instagrammers. I wanted to shoot the empty market, so I reached there well ahead of the busy hours and stood there with my camera for nearly an hour to get a perfect shot of the empty market. Though I still had some photo bombers, it was fun standing there with a camera and observing the happenings around me.

(P.S. My companions for the day, arrived a little after 10, so they couldn’t reach in time to see an empty market. Nevertheless, we had fun shooting some awesome pictures with the beautiful background of the market).

Covent Garden

Covent garden, the most visited, most dreamy and most happening neighbourhood in London was busy even on a weekday. The market square was prepping up for Valentines Day, so we saw beautiful flower decorations and display by @maisondefleurs. The apple market, jubilee market, street performers and the cute cafes in the market square surely were eye catching picture perfect locations.



From the market square, our little squad walked to Neal’s yard via Neal’s road and Oh! The colours and vibrancy of the entire place!!! The Neal’s yard is the most instagrammed location in Covent Garden and how can I miss this chance? There were umpteen numbers of shots which were taken there. It was so fascinating to see some among the very few colourful buildings in London.


On our way from Neal’s yard, we briefly photographed @teatulia teabar and @theteahousecoventgarden for being the cutesy buildings they were! A personal reminder to visit these two leisurely was made.


Belgravia London

From Covent Garden, we took a tube to Victoria as our next stop was @peggyporschenofficial café and bakery. I love Belgravia and the cute cafes and shop fronts that you see there. I have been thinking of visiting Peggy Porschen not just for their cakes, but also for the cutest Café they are! We had to wait for a short time to be seated, but it was fun to be there, have hot chocolate and cakes and chat with the girls about anything and everything.

From Peggy Porschen, we walked the Victoria road of Belgravia for capturing the cutest shop fronts you could see in London. We then walked past the famous Eaton square and Eaton Mews, but sadly, couldn’t spot any celebrities. “One day… one day am sure I will spot a celebrity”, I said to myself.


We walked to Sloane Square station and took a train to Waterloo to grab a wrap from Zabardast Wrap Company. They do some amazing Indian wraps. After the sumptuous food, we all parted our ways as our duty as mums recalled us.

We promised ourselves that we will do this again and often and I promised to them and myself that I will put in another itinerary that will cover another beautiful location in the near future.

Here, readers, are the friends who accompanied me for the photo walk.


Here are some more images for you from our photo tour.

I hope you enjoyed our walk and were able to see some beautiful places in London through my lens.

Until next time…..






11 thoughts on “A one day photo walk tour in central London

  1. Wow wow beautifully penned down the memories of our walk.Excellently written Divya. Looking forward for more photo tours

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Nithya for the support, hope to do more in the coming months too


  2. Wow… What a guided photo tour down the lanes of London. I couldn’t take my eyes off your photos. Wonderful renditions da.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Excellent photography and also Narration

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Loved the content and should visit some of the places as those are always the non touristy missed spot for non Londoners. Beautifully written Divya. Looking forward to the next one and hoping it’s a quirky one 😊


    1. Thanks ya. And Oh yes, the next one is already half way soon to be shared


  5. Lovely, thanks for sharing


  6. Well composed Divya! Was like a virtual tour of the walk, beautiful pictures especially of Peggy Porschen and Neal’s Yard. Post a link to Ur blog on your insta page!


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