About Me

Hello happy people!! I am happy that you are curious to know more about me.
I am Divya, a Business Analyst by profession and an art lover by passion. I live in the UK with my little girl and the darling husband. I love any form

of art, that includes but not limited to paintings, crafts, photography, antiques, etc.

Though I pursued my career in IT, I have always had a penchant towards crafting and painting. I am a self taught artist that is in her primary level of painting and crafting. I have, even as a kid, been very fond of colours and crafts that I would spend quality time in galleries having given a chance. I get contended with a book and a corner that is not to be disturbed.
Adding a new title to self as a blogger, I would like to share my decor ideas, that I have had interest from childhood, talk about artists and their arts that I have known and those that I cross paths with in life and my passion to travel and photography. My destinations would be the ones that are exotic and culture binding.
The very name ‘Dhrishti’ brings out the essence of this space. All things beautiful will be portrayed here via my lens. Readers, watch out for home tours, decor ideas, DIYs and my travel diaries. Through this blogging channel, I hope I can reach out right to the hearts of like minded souls and those that are ardent lovers of art and vibrant decor.
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